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It’s Not Like It’s a Secret

A painful end to a relationship is the only blip in Avery Morgan’s otherwise perfectly planned-out life. That is until she finds out she’s pregnant. With her future in shambles, the only person she knows she can rely on is her coworker and best friend, Theo. 

Theo Decker never thought he would take a punch defending a friend, but when Avery’s parents find out she’s pregnant and assume he’s the father, he becomes personally acquainted with her dad’s right hook. He knows what it is to be abandoned and he won’t do that to Avery, no matter the cost. 

Soon their whole office believes they’re dating, and if they can’t beat them, they may as well join them. But with a baby on the way, how far are they willing to let their assumed relationship go? Family isn’t the only thing they might lose, but maybe what they fear the most is losing each other. 

It’s Not Like It’s a Secret is a sweet, friends-to-lovers, fake relationship to office romance with a heavy dose of humor.


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