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It’s Not Like It’s Real

To say that my neighbor, Conrad Beck, and I got off on the wrong foot is an understatement. Whenever I look at him, I’m reminded of the humiliating experience of being caught in my underwear burning a grilled cheese sandwich. I’m pretty sure every time he looks at me, he remembers how I almost burned down the duplex we share. 

He may dislike me, but he’s patient with my son and he’s adored by his precocious daughter. The same daughter who’s decided I should be her new mom. 

When his sister moves to Texas leaving him without childcare and I’m overcome with hospital bills, we realize we can help each other. 

Is there more to this man than my first impressions led me to believe? An emphatic yes. The real question is, once I get to know him, how do I resist falling in love?

It’s Not Like It’s Real is a marriage of convenience, sweet romance, perfect for readers who enjoy romantic tension without any action beyond kisses.

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