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Her Christmas Movie Kiss

Meg Wright loves Christmas and nothing puts her into a festive spirit more than Christmas movies. When her parents and brother become ill, she plans to watch as many as possible to fill her holiday with cheer. She doesn’t expect her archnemesis (and her twin brother’s best friend) to crash her solo celebration.

Noah Murphy was looking forward to spending Christmas with his best friend’s family until everyone fell sick except Meg. He won’t survive her endless loop of insipid Christmas movies. Desperate to fill his holiday break with some substance, he challenges her to a bet.

If she wins, he’ll skip out on her family’s Christmas for the next two years. If he wins, she owes him a kiss under the mistletoe. Both are committed to coming out on top—until their game turns into something serious. Something seriously worthy of a Christmas movie. 

Escape into a brother’s best friend sweet romance with a heartwarming happily-ever-after.

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