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It’s Not Like It’s Fate

I’ve been in love with my brother’s best friend since I was twelve years old. He was twenty-three. Now Aaron’s back in the city and he’s only improved with age. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t.  

After my college career ended in disaster, I came home wanting only to disappear. I’ve always loved cars, and these days, I work at the front desk of an auto shop and live with my grumpy grandpa, where it’s easy to hide from my past.

Everything is predictable and safe.

Aaron is unpredictable and a danger to my heart. I have no desire to be crushed by unrequited love. My plan: avoid, avoid, avoid. 

He’s not following the same plan. 

Aaron’s suddenly everywhere I am. Family dinners, my job, and inside my head. 

When he asks for my help to restore a gorgeous, classic Mustang, I can’t say no, even with my heart in danger. Maybe some experiences are worth the pain? I’m about to find out. 

It’s Not Like It’s Fate is a brother’s best friend sweet romance with an age gap. It’s perfect for readers who love humor mixed in with weighter topics and romantic sizzle that doesn’t go beyond kissing.