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Her Christmas Rescue

When Livy Brown makes an impulsive decision to visit her sister for Christmas, she can’t predict her car will end up half-submerged in a river in the middle of a blizzard. Also impossible to predict is what happens next: she’s rescued by a bearded knight in shining armor driving a white Ford Ranger. Too bad his grumpy personality doesn’t match his heroic deed. Oh well, his lack of Christmas spirit is not her problem. As soon as he drops her off at a hotel, she’ll never see him again. 

Jay Yates is in desperate need of a peaceful Christmas with his parents and daughter. Finding Livy by the side of the road freezing is not part of his plan. Neither is the attraction he feels toward her. The last thing he wants is a relationship, and he’ll do what he has to in order to keep his distance. When the hotels in Casper, Wyoming are full-up with all the other stranded travelers, there’s only one thing to do: take her home for the holidays. 

Escape into a sweet, grumpy/sunshine romance with a heartwarming happily-ever-after.

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